Nothing completes a space like original artwork. Barbara would love to work with you to create custom art just for your home or interior design project.

Often Barbara has clients who tell her which pieces of her works they like (and why), and they share with her exactly what they would like her to change to make it their own special piece.

The process is very case-to-case basis and Barbara ALWAYS makes it work no matter how hard it is to decide what you may or may not want.

Which paintings from my portfolio are you most drawn to?
Example: Abstract, Bold, Calm, Thought-Provoking.
Where are you going to hang it , what is the best size for the spot?

What color palette and style are you most drawn to?
Example: grayscale, indigo blues, sunset reds, black/white, layers texture.

What mood would you like your painting to convey?
Example: calming, moody, dark, bright, passion, movement, serenity, raw etc.

Why is a commissioned work more expensive than other work of the artist?

Working on commission — creating a specific work of art that someone asks the artist to make — is completely different from working for yourself where the artist makes whatever they want to make without any input or influence from others. Making a work of art for yourself is solo act; producing a work of art on commission for someone else is a relationship — a partnership between the artist and that person. Never confuse the two. This is much more stressfull for most artists and it often takes more hours to make the art and to discuss what is expected to create the right painting for you the client. This is what makes a commission such a special one of a kind piece of art.



We will arrange shipping and appropriate insurance for any artwork purchased. We ship internationally.


Barbara accepts Visa, Mastercard and Interac e-Transfers.


For every purchase you make we give 10% of that purchase to the BC Cancer Foundation or the BC SPCA (the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).